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It’s Not Guns Or Gear, But A Passion – Vspot Vapes

Balancing AttysFor those of you that may keep up with my YouTube channel, you may know that I started vaping (using e-cigarettes) a few years ago in an effort to curb smoking with the desire to quit entirely. This article is intended to explain a bit of my absence from the gun community over the past six months as well as talk a minute about what e-cigarettes are, and why vaping has turned from an activity to a passion that has lead to a new startup I am involved with. As some of you may know, I’m a active serial-entrepreneur that loves to start new projects and enter an industry as an underdog and fight my way to the top. Well this is another idea that I have been a part of executing on that I am excited to tell you about.

What Is Vaping?

Vaping is the term used when puffing on (not smoking as it is not smoking) an electronic or mechanical powered atomizer. What that essentially means is, you vaporize e-liquids (often called e-juice) in an atomizer which can be a simple cartomizer or different types of atomizers powered by a mechanical unregulated mod (or battery) or a regulated device that controls the Voltage and wattage of the device. It is essentially a device that one can use to vaporize a wide variety of e-liquids with different mixture levels of VG/PG and nicotine levels.  You can find out more about what vaping is on the Vspot Vapes FAQ page.

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Three Circle Knives Satori Tanto – Video Review

Review – Three Circle Knives Satori Tanto

(Video Review – Click Read More For Full Article Including Video)
Three Circle Knives Satori Tanto

Black Cerakote Finish – Satori Tano by Three Circle Knives

If there is one tool that I’m always excited to update it’s my knives. Being an avid outdoors enthusiast, hiker and backpacker your tool is arguably your most precious tool. I’ve had the enjoyment of using the Satori Tanto knife from Three Circle Knives for the past few months and I must say it is a solid blade and one that I will be keeping in my backpack for years to come. From the unboxing of the knife to the field, I have been so impressed with this knife that I was giddy to film a video review. I generally use products for 2-6 months before recording or writing a review so I have been patiently using and abusing this fine piece of craftsmanship in the interim.

Three Circle Knives - Satori Tanto

The Satori Tanto knife is forged from 440c .25″ steel and is cerakoted in black (also called “shadow”) and the handle is wrapped in a desert camo 550 paracord forming a comfortable grip around the handle. Some obligatory specs for the blade from the Three Circles Website:


  • 12″ overall, 6.5″ blade Tanto
  • Cerakote in Black
  • .25″ thick 440C Steel
  • Kydex Sheath
  • Multiple Carry Options: Paracord or MOLLE Clip Paracord Options for handles: Black, Coyote Tan, Olive Drab, Gray, Maroon, Military Green

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Phlster – New J-Frame Holster – The City Special

The City Special Holster

The City Special – J-Frame Kydex Holsters by Phlster

The folks over at Phlster have just released a new holster today called “The City Special” which is a custom Kydex holster for those J-frame .38 special carriers out there. Now, there are two different holster they are making. One is a standard kydex holster with the signature single loop. This is ideal for a backup gun or even a primary carry.The City Special Holster by Phlster The second holster has a unique cut out so in the event you would have to reload with one hand, you can actually use the holster you hold the firearm sideways to deploy a speedloader or speed strip with new rounds into the chambers, close the cylinder and get back to business. It’s a unique way of solving a problem. I’ve written about the Phlster holster for my Glock 19 and I have been enjoying Phlster products since.

I personally don’t own a j-frame revolver simply because I just haven’t bought one. Recently my brother purchased an airweight and ever since I’ve been feeling the itch to buy my first wheel fun. Now that I know there is an awesome holster out there for it I think it will make my decision that much easier. I will be eager to see how the market likes the holsters as they were just announcing the release of them today.



Modern Spartan Systems – Contest

Modern Spartan Systems – Contest Giveaway

Who Couldn’t Use Free Lube?

Modern Spartan Systems Contest

Image Courtesy of (Modern Spartan Systems Facebook Page)

So I’ve recent’y been sent a review pack of Modern Spartan Systems cleaner and lubrications. I’m still reviewing it and will soon be doing a review (I can tell you so far this stuff kicks more ass than Chuck Norris in Delta Force) but I wont give anything away yet. I jsut wanted to le tmy readers know that these guys have re-launched their wesbite and are giving away a nice contst pack.

In appreciation for all of the enthusiasm and support you guys and gals are giving us we want to thank you with a contest! This is easy to do and we can’t wait to see your comments! To be entered all you need to do is LIKE and SHARE https://www.facebook.com/ModernSpartanSystemsand https://twitter.com/modernspartans with your friends, as well as COMMENT on the pic. Tell us what you think of our new T-shirt logos! The winner will receive a MSS – Spartan Starter Pack & one of our awesome “American made”, Spartanwear T-shirts, proudly created by our friends at Oscar Mike www.oscarmike.org! This contest will run through next Thursday at 7:00 PM central and the winner will be chosen randomly. Thank you again for your support and welcome to the “Spartan Nation”!!!

PS – In the next 4-6 weeks we will be running a “testimonial contest” for those who have used our Accuracy Enhancing “system”. If you need to buy products take advantage of this TEST15 code and receive a 15% website discount.

Modern Spartan Systems ContestSo go ahead and head on over to their Facebook and Twitter pages to start following these bad ass lubrication geniuses and enter to win some bad ass prices. Also if you use the discount code (TEST15) you will save 15% on your orders of their carbon destroyers, accuracy oil and so forth.

Check out some of the videos below if you aren’t familiar with Modern Spartan Systems and start enjoying the benefits of science meets lube!



BackPack Contest by Grey Ghost Gear

Grey Ghost Gear – BackPack Giveaway

Grey Ghost Gear Bag Contest

Grey Ghost Gear is giving away their newly designed bag. They are asking their fans from Instagram and Facebook to come up with unique names and they will select a winner on the 31st so there isn’t much time but it’s an easy contest. According to their rules here:

We’ve designed and built a new bag that we’re releasing on the 31st, and we want YOU to give it a name.

Submit your name suggestions below, and we’ll pick our favorite. The winner will be announced on the 31st and will receive the new bag (including hydration bladder) in their choice of Coyote, Multicam or Kryptek Typhon. Let’s hear what you’ve got. Good luck!! #greyghostgear#multicam#kryptek#tactical#pack#gear

Check them out on Instagram and Facebook to get in on the win!

My recommendation was “The Badger”.

Grey Ghost Gear Backpack Contest

Name This Bag and Win

HSGI ARMORDILLO Discreet Case V2 Review

Review of the Discreet Carry Case Version 2 by HSGI

HSGI Armordillo Discreet Case V2 Review

So I’ve been on the hunt for a new laptop / messenger bag for the past few months and finally decided on the Armordillo Discreet Case V2 by HSGI. It’s definitely a “man purse” for me as I carry a lot of crap on a daily basis. In my laptop case I am usually hauling a Macbook Pro, iPad, notebooks, Bose QC-15 headphones in their bulky case, spare contact lenses, glasses, pens, flashlight etc.

In the recent months I have destroyed my Swiss Gear messenger laptop bag. The stitching came undone six months ago and I’ve just been hobbling along looking more and more ghetto everyday. I finally retired it once I got this jewel in the mail. I’ve been using it for the last few weeks and so far have been very happy with it.

IT doesn’t have the water bottle holders on the side or the magazine pouches like the previous model, the V1 but it does offer plenty of storage, safe keeping for a laptop computer and allows for a 13.5×15.5 inch plate if you so decide to have a plate carrier / messenger bag. Below is a video review of the bag.

Take a Look at the case on High Speed Gear’s website here.

Notkocher M71 Stove Review (Video)

The Swiss Army “Notkocher 71″ Stove Review


Notkocher 71 Stove Review

I like to cruise through my local Survival store and see what kind of new gear I can try out. I came across this little denatured alcohol gel Swiss Army stove called the “Notkoher 71 or M71″ and thought I would give it a test drive. From my online research “Notkocker” is pronounced as “not-ko-her” and is German for “emergency cooker”. I could be wrong on that so please correct me if I’m wrong.

I picked this particular stove up with the thought that it could be a great backup stove to my ISOPRO MSR Pocket Rocket which is my trusty standby when I”m out on the AT or Benton McKaye trails in North Georgia. I believe I only spent about $5.99 for this little green can of mystery and I always like to test new items out at home before taking them out and using them, even if it’s a simple little gel stove.

The Notkocher 71 weighs in at 5.9 ounces or 170g and measures 7.5 CM in diameter and 5 CM in height. it comes with a flexible top mounting stove that can also be stretched out to be used on your typical Sterno stove but I haven’t tested that out just yet. The burn time for 9 ounces of water in a stainless steel can with no lid was 6 minutes and forty seconds (6:40 rolling boil) and has a minimum of 45 minutes total burn time. Some people in forums have claimed more than two hours total burn time from one can. I am still tracking my time and will revise this post when I finally burn the whole can out.

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Midwest Industries AK Mini Dot Mount + Primary Arms MD06

Optics & Mounts – Oh My! (Video Overview)

AK47 Mini Dot Mount - Midwest Industries

So I’m always on a quest seeking the best optics and mounts for my rifles. Finding a suitable but yet affordable option for my AK47 has been a bit of a challenge. I started off using the NCStar dust cover with picatinny rail mount and put a cheap sightmark red dot on it. That worked for about 50 rounds and then it started to become unstable and also made for a weird balance when holding the rifle. I also didn’t like the fact how easily you could lose zero simply because the action of the carrier slid right underneath the red dot with every trigger pull with a lot of energy.

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Texas Triggers 1000 Yard Shot

1000 yards – Off Hand – Like A BOSS

Ryan of Texas Triggers shoots steel @ 1000 yards off hand with a Barrett M107. Colby Donaldson happened to get it on film and posted it. Apparently ryan was being egged on throughout the day by guests to shoot the Barrett .50 CAL.. who wouldn’t want to see that? AMIRIGHT?

This took PLace at the Sniper Range @ The Texas Triggers Ranch.

Ryan of Texas Triggers

Ryan of Texas Triggers