TheFireArmGuy Is Giving Away 10 Knives!

10 knife giveaway contest by TheFireArmGuy on YouTube.

2012 Ammo Shortage

In 2008 most people in the gun world remember the challenges in finding ammo, and when they did find it it was rationed or very expensive. Well, it’s four years later and we are right back in a Presidential election season and gun sales are soaring. So much so that some companies like Ruger and Winchester have stopped taking orders because of the backlog and overwhelming flood of orders from distributors and retailers.

TheFireArmGuy on Youtube is holding a contest on this topic asking people if they believe a shortage will once again plague us all, and what are we planning to do about it.

Below is the contest video, and my video response below that. If you submit a video response to enter the contest, let me know and I will post it.

The Contest Video:

My Video Response:

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