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Unboxing The Ruger SR-556 AR15 Rifle

Ruger SR-556 Rifle unboxing


So Dro and I headed to go ol’ Adventure Outdoors to finally pickup the Ruger SR-556 AR15 tactical carbine. This is a fantastic AR M4 style rifle and full of goodies for the value. Some of the deciding points was the matte chrome finish on the bolt group, transfer rod and piston. It makes it super easy to clean almost as nice as a nickel boron. It has a proprietary rail system which is pretty slick, but can be a bit of a pain in the ass if you want to change that out later. It will most likely require a custom jig to remove it.

The pistol Hogue molded over grip is incredibly comfortable. Though I opt personally for a Magpul MOE grip myself, for a grip that comes on an AR out of the box, it is fantastic. The rifle was also accompanied with a CAA six position butt stock iron flip up back up sights and three, yes three Magpul Pmags. It was all wrapped up in a nice canvas carrying case with padded inserts.

Check out the video we made below for it’s unboxing, please post any comments or questions and I’ll be sure to answer them the best I can.


Springless AA2 Kit

Closest thing to a full auto Ruger 10/22

Springless AA2 Kit

The stock and KIDD two stage trigger is the perfect addition to any Ruger 10/22. This kit is hitting the market with a lot of attention just like the infamous “slidfire” stock for the AR platform. The kit comes in at a cool $629.00 which is steep considering I paid for $189.00 brand new for my Ruger 10/22 with fiber optic sights. To drop more than three times what I spent ont he rifle for a stock and trigger group just seems absolutely……….awesome. 🙂

I don’t think I will be picking this up anytime soon but sure would love to get my hands on one. The issue with the AR/AK slidefire is that it’s super fun, but you burn through some expensive ammo super fast. With the AA2 Kit, you could play all day for $20.00 since 22 LR ammo is so inexpensive. It’s a tempting offer. Click Read More to see the awesome video..