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How To Reload 9mm Tutorial Part 1

Beginners Guide To Reloading – 9mm 115 grn FMJ



This is the first part of my reloading series. I believe this will be part of a 5 part video series on the basics of reload 9mm. In this tutorial, I will be using the 115 grain FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) round. This is a typical “plinking or range” round that is most popular for practice shooting, or IDPA / USPSA training. Obviously people have their favorite bullet weight, some prefer a 90 grain, or 124 grain. I like them all, but for the purpose of starting out, we will use the 115 grain bullet.

This is a video series that will be a combination of a youtube video as well as a blog post to help users find the answers they are looking for. I am using the “Lee Precision II Anniversary Challenger Kit (Red)
reloading press that I got for Christmas. You can view the press I bought it on sale for $89.99 but that price is hard to find. Currently it is on Amazon for around $115.00.