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Phlster Custom Kydex Holster Review

Custom Kydex Holster by Phlster

Phlster Custom Kydex Holster Review

I’m always on the search for the next IWB holster for my Glock 19. This custom kydex holster by Phlster is called the “skeleton” and retails for a reasonable $40.00 and is well worth it. I discovered the holsters via Rebecca who is also a great gun blogger.

Phlster Custom Kydex Holsters

Custom Holsters made in the City of Brotherly Love

I decided to do a little comparison with a couple of my other conceal / open carry holsters for my Glock 19. I apologize for the sniffling during the video, I was getting over a cold and didn’t realize how mcuh I was doing it, but none the less you at least get to see me demonstrate the inside the waistband holster.

Flying With Firearms on Airtran – Long Guns & Pistols

So you want to fly with firearms on an airplane? See How I flew with Long Guns on Airtran

How To Fly With Firearms On Airtran

I recently just flew from Atlanta to Denver and I wanted to bring my firearms with me so I could go shooting on the family ranch. Before I decided to buy a case and pack a duffle bag full of semi auto goodness and jump on a plane I did a bit of research. One thing is for sure, each airport handles flying with firearms a bit differently from the other. When flying with firearms you are suppose to declare that you have them at the ticket counter of the airline you are flying on. They are suppose to ask you if they are unloaded and if there is any ammo in the case with them. They then sign a declared firearms red ticket and you sign it and you are suppose to “slide” it into your case. You are not supposed to open your case completely at the ticket counter.

The next step is you will then either take your case to the oversized TSA baggage screening area, or an agent will assist you by carrying it on a cart and you will follow them. I wanted to make sure that I was present any time the case was open or inspected. To insure that I used my own non TSA locks and keep the key around my neck on a lanyard. I made this video below to detail my experience and also provide some tips for anyone that is looking into flying with their firearms anytime soon.

Supporting Starbucks & The Second Ammendment

Urban Armed Supporting the Anti Starbucks Boycott #OccupyStarbucksarmed

Anti Starbucks Boycott

I just wanted to show my support to the gun community and Starbucks for sticking to the law and not asking law abiding citizens to leave simply because it may make others feel uncomfortable.

I usually conceal carry but today I joined thousands of supporters across the country buy supporting Starbucks with my wallet!


In Thew News:

Gun Reform Advocates Boycott Starbucks Over Open Carry Of Guns

Demonstrating my IWB Glock 19 Setup

Pimping my IWB setup for carrying my Glock 19

Conceal Carry Glock 19 IWB

I received a PM from a friend on YouTube regarding how I carry my Glock 19 IWB (inside waist band) so I decided to shoot a quick video on demonstrating it. I probably didn’t wear the best shirt for the demonstration since it’s more on the thin side, but regardless I think is an overall decent represenation.

The holster is a generic IWB holster that I picked up at a gun show for 10 dollars, and recently I’ve seen nicer ones for about 20 smackers. If you want one hit me up on twitter, or through my contact form and I will get one for you.