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Best Guns For Women?

How do you select a firearm for a female shooter?

Best Guns For Women

Recently more females in my immediate and extended family have shown more interest in not just purchasing a firearm that is right for them, but also carrying one on their person, in their purse or nearby.  This is a completely different scenario versus a man carrying. Typically men can carry inside or outside the waistband on different location of their waist. Women’s waist are not straight like a mans and it can create challenges for carrying larger firearms.

The first and foremost objective is to identify a firearm that is comfortable in the hand of the shooter, and the balance. The next is how does the gun feel when firing the weapon and the recoil. This first step usually will determine the size of the cartridge or caliber of the gun. The next step is to determine a revolver (quite popular with the ladies) or a semi automatic pistol. These are also referred to as striker fired pistols. The best way to figure this out is to take your lady, sister, mom, grandma or whoever it is to the local gun range. Rent some different revolvers and pistols and put some brass through them.   Some popular choices amongst females are the following:

More likely to be a victim away from home than in it

Why I pack all the time. Especially when away form home

This is a video that I made in response to a recent violent attack in suburban Atlanta. Where this took place was only approximately 6 miles form where I live. I had a conversation with some friends recently about guns in general, and the question usually comes up, “why do you carry a gun?” and it depends on who is asking how I answer.

I often hear the typical “well, it makes sense to have a gun inside the home, like a shotgun for self defense against a home invasion” and I usually agree. This usually will segway into the next fork in the road of “carrying openly or concealed outside the home” and the reasons behind it.