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Why I Gave Up On Pistol Suppressors

Pistol Suppressors make no sense.  There, I said it.  You can hate me if you want but you know I’m right.

If you’re part of the growing number of gun enthusiasts who have tried a pistol suppressor or are lucky enough to actually own one, there are some things that should have stood out to you as you squeezed the trigger with that childish grin on your face.

FNX-45 Tactical with AAC Ti-rant 45

FNX-45 Tactical with AAC Ti-rant 45

The first thing you should have noticed is that the balance and weight of the gun are completely different than what a handgun normally feels like without a 6 to 9 inch steel and aluminum contraption hanging off the barrel.  Is it more than your hand strength could handle?  Probably not.  Is it comfortable?  If we are being totally honest then the answer is, “No.”  Handguns were not designed to hold that kind of weight out at the end of the barrel.  In fact, pistol suppressors had to be designed around the recoil mechanisms built into the handgun because a suppressor completely alters the physics of the firearm.  The primary reason for using a pistol instead of a rifle is it’s size and portability.  That reason is completely defeated when you double the length of the gun and change the ergonomics of the design.

The second thing you probably notice when you fire a handgun with a suppressor is that it’s not really as quiet as you thought it was going to be.  Now this will vary on many things including environment, caliber, ammunition type, suppressor type and various other factors.  But it’s generally understood that suppressors are never as quiet as what you see in the movies.  In fact, in many circumstances the noise is not even hearing safe by OSHA standards.  Is it quieter?  Absolutely.  Is it what you expected?  If it’s your first time, probably not.

Hornady XTP 124 GR Reloading Data 9mm

Reloading data for the Hornady XTP 124 GR 9mm Jacketed Hollow Point

Hornady XTP 124 Gr Reload Data


So, I’ve written about reloading the Hornady 147 grain JHP round on a different post and now I want to talk about the 124 grain Hornady XTP JHP. I love loading and shooting both the 124 & 147 grain JHP rounds for target practice and defense ammo. I don’t suggest carrying hand loaded ammunition for personal defense ammo but it’s good to have a nice stock of JHP on hand for SHTF or some other Zombie scenario.

I hope you find the reload information helpful and please feel free to comment with you favorite load for this round.


  • Hornady XTP 9mm .355″ 124 GR XTP JHP Bullet
  • Alliant Powder “Unique”
  • CCI 500 Small Pistol Primer
  • Once fired cleaned and inspected brass
The Load Information
  • 4.5 GR of Unique
  • CCI 500 primer
  • OAL 1.10″  (Overall Length)

How To Reload 9mm Tutorial Part 2

Beginners Guide To Reloading – 9mm 115 grn FMJ – Part II

In this step we will do the following:

1. Inspect Brass
2. Resize
3. Deprime
4. Reprime
5. (Occasionally clean the pockets)

My 9mm Reloading Recipe for 115 FMJ Rainer Copper Jacketed Bullets

5.1 Grains of Unique Bullseye Smokeless Powder
CCI 500 Small Pistol Primers
OAL of 1.125″ (one point one inches)

Please post any questions you have in the comments and I will do my best to answer your questions.

OAL = Over All Length
Grn = Grain weight of smokeless powder


If you missed part 1 click here

How To Reload 9mm Tutorial Part 1

Beginners Guide To Reloading – 9mm 115 grn FMJ



This is the first part of my reloading series. I believe this will be part of a 5 part video series on the basics of reload 9mm. In this tutorial, I will be using the 115 grain FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) round. This is a typical “plinking or range” round that is most popular for practice shooting, or IDPA / USPSA training. Obviously people have their favorite bullet weight, some prefer a 90 grain, or 124 grain. I like them all, but for the purpose of starting out, we will use the 115 grain bullet.

This is a video series that will be a combination of a youtube video as well as a blog post to help users find the answers they are looking for. I am using the “Lee Precision II Anniversary Challenger Kit (Red)
reloading press that I got for Christmas. You can view the press I bought it on sale for $89.99 but that price is hard to find. Currently it is on Amazon for around $115.00.

Hornady XTP 147 GR Reloading Data 9mm

Reloading recipe for the Hornady XTP 147 GR 9mm Jacketed Hollow Point

9mm Hornady XTP 147 GR Reloading data


So in the last year I have been loading up a good bit of defensive ammunition for my 9mm pistols. This has pretty much been my favorite round so far which is the Hornady XTP 147 GR Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) with CCI 500 small pistol primers and the Alliant Unique smokeless powder. So far I haven’t had a single feeding, firing or ejection issue with these rounds. I have shot these rounds through 2 different Glock 19s, a Glock 17, Ruger LC9 and my Springfield XDm.

If you are just starting out with reloading I recommend always using a smaller charge and working your way up. This recipe is just what has been working for me but by no means is is the industry standard and you should always do some research by the manufacturer before loading up. So here is what I have been using: