Starbucks BuyCott Photo Explosion

I feel a bit overwhelmed and honored..

I’m a fan of “Anything About Guns” on Facebook, and I had posted a photo on Tuesday, February 14th, 2012 for Valentines’s Day to show my support for the second amendment. I normally do not open carry, but I did that day to show my support. There are some anti gun violence groups that are boycotting Starbucks until they change their policy to not allow citizens carrying firearms to enter their cafes.

The gun community stepped up to showo support for Starbucks, not for being pro gun, but for being pro law. Currently 43 states allow open carry (some require permits or licenses) and that would mean law abiding citizens would be banned from legally carrying a firearm into Starbucks. Starbucks doesn’t want to get in the middle of a debate, they have just stated they will honor and respect local ordinances and laws where their stores are located.

Good enough for me! Below is a photo taken a few moments ago showing how many times through “Anything About Guns” has been shared from a single post. I don’t even know what to say, other than thank you all for the support.

Starbucks BuyCott 2012

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