President Obama Wants To Ban Rifles

If you like exercising your constitutional rights, watch this.

As we head into the remaining months of our United States presidential election cylce, I find myself spending time thinking about what a lame duck president might spend his time doing. As you have seen with President Obama supporting the UN small arms treaty (ATT) I feel he has been remaining silent until after his re-election.

I wanted to write this post to remind people what President Obama’s true intentions are. Which is to disarm law abiding United States citizens. It is clear from this video below that he is anti-constitution, and feels that there is no reason for you to possess any type of high power rifle such as an AR15 because those are not necessary to hunt with.

President Obama has pledged to sign the UN small arms treaty on July 27th, and once he is re-elected (God help us) I’m confident he will do everything in his power to have it ratified by the Senate. I realize that a lot of people may think that this law is necessary after what happened in Aurora, Colorado. The truth is, psychotic killers will always be psychotic. They will always find a way to cause harm. Timothy McVeigh didn’t fire rounds into a building, he built a bomb from a box truck. 9/11 terrorists used box cutters and our own airplanes. Criminals, terrorists and psychos do not concern themselves with laws. You can’t legislate your way to ridding the world of bad people. What we can do is empower our law abiding people to stand up against evil and the wrong doings by others.

Take a look at this debate in 2004 with Alan Keyes to get a feel for President Obamas true feelings on “gun control”.

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