Over 10 million guns sold in 2012

Are You Preparing By Buying Firearms & Ammo?

As Gun Sales Continue to Soar, is Now the Time to Stock Up?

As WHNT in Alabama reports: A recent FBI report shows that more than 10 million firearms have been purchased so far in 2012, a blistering pace that would shatter the all-time record of 11 million sales set just last year…

The FBI report projects that up to four million more guns could be sold before the end of the calendar year. The agency also reports that gun sale background checks in Alabama have spiked by 37 percent in the last four years, making it one of the more active states for gun purchases.

With the uncertainty with the future with rising crime, unemployment and this being an election season, it seems that people are seeing signs of a brewing storm. There has been a surge in firearms purchases of 40% increase year over year for the last four years. What is driving this? Well, most people I’ve seen being interviewed are being somewhat general but it does resonate a common state of mind in being prepared for (fill in the blank). The (blank) is fear of the incumbent president going after second amendment gun rights and people want to buy before it’s too late.

What say you? Are you preparing for an attack on our gun rights? If so, what are you stocking up on in preparation? Are you one of the 10 million? Check out the video below:

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