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State Of The Union – My 2 Cents

Urban Armed's Thought's On The State Of The Union

I had the joy of going to the dentist this morning (which actually was yesterday morning) and I had plenty of time staring at the ceiling to ponder the State Of The Union from our President Barack Obama. I didn’t expect to be overjoyed by anything unoriginal that he would say, but I did expect to hear some comments and remarks that would make the country feel patriotice and well.. American. I was sadly once again disappointed by his lack of harnessing the American spirit. Instead he continue to play the blame game, point fingers and re-establish his attitude of “I’ll work with Congress or do what I want without them” cavalier spirit.

During his address to the nation, I picked up on one simple detail that in itself clearly defines for me what kind of President he wants to be. That specific detail is that he only used the words “freedom” and “liberty” once throughout his speech. That blows me away, that the focus isn’t on how to make America the greatest free nation in the world, but how to make everything “fair” for everyone. This kind of rhetoric is what turns free people into slaves.


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