Midwest Industries AK Mini Dot Mount + Primary Arms MD06

Midwest Industries AK Mini Dot Mount Primary Arms MD06

Optics & Mounts – Oh My! (Video Overview)

AK47 Mini Dot Mount - Midwest Industries

So I’m always on a quest seeking the best optics and mounts for my rifles. Finding a suitable but yet affordable option for my AK47 has been a bit of a challenge. I started off using the NCStar dust cover with picatinny rail mount and put a cheap sightmark red dot on it. That worked for about 50 rounds and then it started to become unstable and also made for a weird balance when holding the rifle. I also didn’t like the fact how easily you could lose zero simply because the action of the carrier slid right underneath the red dot with every trigger pull with a lot of energy.

Midwest Industries AK Mini Dot Mount Primary Arms MD06A few months ago I was on a Google Hangout with my buddy Travis also known on YouTube as “DjAlkaline1” and he sent me a link to the Midwest Industries AK Mini Dot mount. The way the mount works is your remove the rear metal site, and swap this little bad boy in it’s place. It has a notch cut out for a perfect one third co-witness with the optic you choose. This particular mount I purchased will fit the Primary Arms MD06, Aimpoint T1 and the Vortex Sparc although you will not get the one third co-witness with the Sparc. The Mini Dot mount is only 2 ounces which is a huge plus over the Topcover mount.  The moount is constructed of melonite coated steel and hard coat anodized aluminum. It’s incredibly sturdy and the coolest feature I love about it is that you do not need to remove the mount in order to take off the dust cover or perform a field strip.

I will continue to update my thoughts on this setup as I get some good range time in on this platform but I can tell you that I love the low profile look and the balance of the rifle with this in my hands. It no longer feels like I have the weight of a bean bag on the topcover which had a tendency to make me feel like there was a string tied around the muzzle pulling down.

Check out the video overview below for some entertainment and a closer look at the AK Mini Do t Mount with the Primary Arms MD06 optic on there. You can pickup your own over at Midwest Industries with the following link – Click Me For The Hotness That Is Midwest Industries



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