Lawrence O’Donnell Want’s To Fight Taggart Romney

Violence In The Streets Post Election?

Potential Violence After The Election

So after watching the #debates last night, I was curious about the post election violence threats that have been trending through social media. Granted most of the reporting on this has been coming from Twitchy, a recently new startup by Michelle Malkin which is a GOP twitter propaganda machine.  Some of the violence however has been coming directly from mainstream or as I like to to call it “lamestream” media. Yes, that’s right, the media has been propagating this message as well and I have to say I am shocked, but not surprised.

Look, it’s no secret that Lawrence O’Donnell is a card carrying Obama lover, but I was a bit taken back that the network let’s him get away with calling out Taggart Romney on his show saying that he’d like to take a swing at hime because Taggart made an off the cuff comment to a reporter about Obama calling Mitt a liar.

I personally could care less what anyone calls Mitt, or Taggart, that’s not what this is about, what I’m curious about is what is the actual plausible threats to larger urban cities if Mitt Romney wins the presidential election? Is it possible to see some retaliation from the urban poor who may feel threatened because a GOP white guy is in office? It seems like the more the country divides over this election, the only resorting option besides debating is to start a bar brawl in the streets.

Regardless of what side of the red / blue fence you’re on, it’s something to at least consider as a possible threat to your locale. What will you do if you were caught in a mob of pissed off rioters? What would you do if Lawrence O’Donnell want’s to kick your ass? For one I plan to stay clear of any urban populated areas post election night.

Check out the video of Lawrence losing his sh*t and calling for violence on prime time television.

P.S. If you don’t support either candidate consider throwing your support towards Gary Johnson.

“A wasted vote is voting for something you don’t Believe in” – Gary Johnson”


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