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KONY 2012 Is A Scam

In order to deploy a military presence in Africa, the American support is key. How do you get the majority of Americans ok with going to war or at a minimum have a military presence in Africa without anyone questioning motive? Provide the motive.

Let me preface this with saying I’m not intending to be insensitive to the crimes against humanity that have been conducted by Joseph Kony, but please understand that this video was originally filmed in 2006 and didn’t get ANY press coverage. Also keep in mind that social media wasn’t in much existence in 2006 so it was hard to get wide spread coverage. Why am I mentioning this? Because, Joseph Kony hasn’t actually been active in Uganda for years. What is in Uganda? Oil. Lots and lots of black money spewing from the ground.

The LRA is surely guilty of committing  kadogo (child soldiers) but so has the Democratic Republic of Congo, and this isn’t mentioned in the video. Especially when Ugandans have been wishing to rid of Yoweri K. Museveni who has been in power for more than 20 years by way of stealing elections and using the same violent tactics as Joseph Kony. Bill Clinton has been a long time supporter of Museveni and his power hold on the region.

You may remember back to last October, when it was in the news that the U.S had deployed a small force to Northern Uganda, to battle one of Africa’s most brutal forces, the Lord’s Resistance Army, led by Joseph Kony. It was said that more troops would be ultimately be dispatched to the South Sudan, Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo as ‘advisers’.

At the same time, Bill Clinton was in Uganda with his ‘Clinton Global Initiative’. He had been there for quite a while, and had had a lot of involvement with Uganda in the 1990’s. You may recall, just before all this had happened, there was a HUGE oil strike in Uganda.

This video, comes out at a very oppertune moment… I shall quote from the news of February 17th through the 20th of this year:

‘ Tullow Oil, say they have found another 1 billion dollar oil find in Northern Uganda’. Also Anaconda Company are in there in Uganda too. Of course when you have more oil being discovered, interest is ramped up somewhat.

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I’m not trying to convince the world that there isn’t corruption and brutality in all areas of most countries, perhaps all. I’m just simply trying to identify some questions and motives. I wish people who do more research before blindly changing their avatar, Facebook banners and slapping bumper stickers on their car when they really have no f&*king clue what they’re really fighting for. And let’s be honest, no one is really fighting for anything. The money being donated to the cause isn’t being disclosed. You really think it’s going to seek out Joseph Kony and build schools? No, it’s going to grease and lubricate the gears of the propaganda machine. Make more videos, buy more ads, spread more of the message to get everyone on board with the cause. Funny, you think people would have learned after the WMD episode with Iraq. How did that work out for us? Question the motive, is it about the children? F&*k no, it’s about oil bitches.

This movie was actually done in 2004. It was an hour long and was finally released in 2006 and got very little attention so it was re-cut to this shorter version and released again in 2012. The movie recieved $850,000 to be payed to the ‘Invisible Children Feature Film LLC’. – a comercial venture. The boss of this company being Jedidiah Jenkins, who was also the “Director of Idea Development for Invisible Children”. He was not however mentioned in the credits of the film. He is Kristen Bell’s boyfriend. She is also listed on the board of directors. we have the whole Holywood A-Team here.

So of course, what made this go viral, is that they have convinced celebrities of the ilk of Rihanna and P-Diddy to tweet about the video. Curiously P-Diddy wasnt on the list of 20 celebs, assumedly because he was already on board- that they’d already got him.

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Some sources for your entertainment:

The Problem With Invisible Children’s “Kony 2012” – By Michael Diebert

KONY2012: Ten Questions For Invisible Children – Black Star Editorial

Tullow Oil Says Investment in Uganda Exploration Tops $1 Billion – Fred Ojambo (Bloomberg)

America Needs a New Enemy

You just watch… Slowly we will see AFRICOM being planted firmly in Northern Uganda, South Sudan, and the Kongo. You will see encampments popping up all around the Tullow oil fields and Lake Charles. All of a sudden it is SO important to find Kony even though he hasnt been on the scene for 6 years. All this directly after a major oil discovery. Coincidence? I think not. Bill Clinton (adviser to Tullow) has been greasing the wheels for this for years. Last time something like this happened, a small force of ‘tech experts’ were sent into Iraq and look what happened next. AFRICOM is the next big move and Kony 2012 is just a propoganda tool that Goebbels himself would have been proud of.

****** Updates *********

What does Tullow Oil and KONY 2012 have in common in Uganda? Both backed by JP Morgan, which is not to say I condone Kony, but come on people, follow the money!! JP Morgan Chase gave $1 million to Invisible Children. JP morgan don’t give two shits about the kids, it’s about resources people oil, gold , hydro carbons.




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