Georgia Capitol Pro Gun Rally

Pro Gun Rally Held at Georgia Capitol Building


On February 8th, 2013 I attended a Georgia pro gun rally with several hundred other attendees in Atlanta, GA at the steps of the state capitol building. It was awesome to see so many like minded individuals standing up for their rights and exercising them in the public view. Patriots were speaking at the podium, holding signs and flags to show our state and local government we will not be quiet.

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On February 8th Gun Rights Across America – Georgia – meeting for a peaceful 2nd Amendment Rally at the Georgia State Capital in Down Town Atlanta.

Pictures from the Rally:

List of times and speakers.

10:00 AM – Announcements, Invocation, Pledge, Petition Signing, Brochures

10:30 AM – William Temple – Patriot

11:00 AM – Bill Looman – US Marine

11:30 AM – John Monroe – GeorgiaCarry.Org

12:00 Noon – Larry Pratt – Gun Owners of America

12:30 PM – Ed Setzler – State Representative District 35

1:00 PM – Barry Loudermilk – State Senator District 14

1:30 PM – Jerry Henry – GeorgiaCarry.Org

2:00 PM – Hiram Madge – Citizen

2:30 PM – Candi Goldman – Citizen

3:00 PM – Ian Madge – Citizen


Another video a fellow youtuber made:




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