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Free Firearm Bill Of Sale Form For Download

Sometimes depending on the state you are in or just for your own protection you’d like to have a bill of sale when selling a firearm. A lot of states do not require this practice. I myself have purchased a used gun without one, as a seller you just can’t sell a firearm privately to a known felon. It is not required to complete a bill of sale for a trade or sale of a firearm, but it is a good CYA if you are into that.

One forum I read had a good point:

To the best of my knowledge most guns, with the exception of Class III weapons, are not “registered” in GA or with the ATF. If the govt. starts to register your weapons you you can easily guess what will be next.

It is a good idea to have a signed bill of sale just in case something comes up.

So if you are looking for a bill of sale sample for a gun sale, you can download it here in the following formats. Thanks to a good buddy “Bentley” from the Guns For Forum for posting on the Colorado Gun Trader page on Facebook. Please feel free to join that as well, you can already see it’s a great resource.

Bill of sale gun form free sample download:

Download PDF (Portable Document Format)

Download RTF (Rich Text Format)

If you have a sample that you use, please email it to me (urbanarmed @ gmail(dot)com) and I will update this post. This is a great resource for anyone looking for a sample bill of sale for selling firearms.

Stay safe and carry on.

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    Thanks a lot for the forms would use your web site for more important forms.

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