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Hornady XTP 147 GR Reloading Data 9mm

Reloading recipe for the Hornady XTP 147 GR 9mm Jacketed Hollow Point

9mm Hornady XTP 147 GR Reloading data


So in the last year I have been loading up a good bit of defensive ammunition for my 9mm pistols. This has pretty much been my favorite round so far which is the Hornady XTP 147 GR Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) with CCI 500 small pistol primers and the Alliant Unique smokeless powder. So far I haven’t had a single feeding, firing or ejection issue with these rounds. I have shot these rounds through 2 different Glock 19s, a Glock 17, Ruger LC9 and my Springfield XDm.

If you are just starting out with reloading I recommend always using a smaller charge and working your way up. This recipe is just what has been working for me but by no means is is the industry standard and you should always do some research by the manufacturer before loading up. So here is what I have been using: