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How To Install AR15 Trigger

Proper Install of AR15 Trigger

Install AR Trigger


So I recently picked up a Spikes Tactical battle Trigger for my AR15. Some of the features of this bad boy are:

  • Nickel Boron finish for a smoother trigger pull and enhanced reliability
  • Breaks at about 5-6lbs in most applications
  • Works with all calibers

Well after I had installed the trigger, I did what any red blooded male would do, I fucked a donkey. No, ok, no, just kidding, I went to the range of course and that is where I ran into some trouble. I went through a whole box of PMC Eagle 223 flawlessly. Next I loaded up 20 rounds of Federal XM193f, you know, the brown box special or often times it comes in a white box. Well, I had about 6 failure to fire rounds. It appeared to be a light primer strike, which is strange considering I just put this new battle trigger in my AR15 right? I also have a titanium firing pin for that extra punch when the hammer hits the back.

So upon further investigation back at the ranch, I realized, I installed the damn trigger spring incorrectly. So, what did I do to fix it? I reversed the spring. Below is a video I made that will demonstrate the proper way a trigger should be installed in an AR15. Hopefully it helps someone out there.