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Why you should drop what you’re doing and go buy a gun

There is a lot of useless rhetoric that flies back and forth in the gun debate in this country.  Both sides lob simple minded one liners at each other that are about as effective as a .22 against level III body armor.  The Mainstream Media riles up the gun lovers by featuring the opinions of mental giants like Piers Morgan and Dianne Feinstein.  And gun “nuts” retort with tired phrases about cold dead hands and gun free zones.  Nobody changes their minds, and very little is accomplished by either side.

why-you-should-buy-a-gunFor those who feel spurred into real effort through legislative action, protest or some other form of activism, it’s an uphill climb to say the least.  Getting people organized and tuned in long enough to accomplish anything of value is incredibly difficult. It does happen, but it’s far less common than the usual result which is a lot of fervor that quickly dissipates in the face of the relentless responsibilities of everyday life.  It’s very difficult to keep people engaged, even when our liberties are under constant attack.

I was having a conversation with a colleague of mine several months ago who is extremely anti-gun.  She doesn’t even talk about “common sense” gun laws.  She wants every gun banned and confiscated.  Talking to people like this is difficult because it’s extremely challenging to find some common ground as a starting point for the conversation.  Naturally the conversation eventually veered into, “The NRA is everything that is wrong with this country,” territory.  Ah yes, the evil NRA.  I asked her a simple question, “Where does the NRA get it’s money?”  She paused, then with a snarky tone she replied, “Well the gun manufacturers give them money.”  This is a little bit more than half true.

The NRA takes small fortunes from companies in the gun industry through a variety of contributions.  According to, the NRA has drastically ramped up it’s solicitation of money from the industry over the last decade.  It has used this money to become one of the largest lobbyists in the country.  It’s well known that politicians fear the NRA and their wrath if they “step out of line” and the NRA relentlessly exploits that kind of clout to do what it does, which is to effectively lobby for gun rights.  Say what you will about the NRA, but no other group carries that kind of weight.

But when we talk about the NRA, it’s easy to forget the other side of that equation, the gun industry itself.  This industry doesn’t just print new money and give it to the NRA.  There is a reason they have that kind of money to give.  Gun sales have steadily risen as the gun control rhetoric in Washington has heated up.  2015 set a new record for background checks, topping out at over 23 million.  Let that sink in for a minute.  23,000,000 background checks.  In one year.  To say that this is a booming business is an understatement to say the least.

And that is just firearms.  There is no real tracking of the money that is spent in the industry on parts and accessories.  If I were a betting man, and I am, I’d wager that the amount of money spent on tactical widgets, zombie killing ammo and operator beard oil at least equals the dollars spent on serialized receivers.  We are talking about a staggering amount of money.  My credit card balances concur.

It’s fair to say that every dollar spent at Cabela’s on overpriced .223, every credit card receipt emailed to you from Brownells, every Fedex package that arrives at your door marked ORM-D that you deftly sneak past your wife as she is making dinner, every forgotten bolt carrier group that hides in your gun drawer, every 4473 that your FFL enthusiastically slaps on the counter as you fondle that new Tavor that you have been trying to ignore, every holster you ever bought and used once, all of it goes to support the cause….it all matters.  The sheer size of this industry is what gives it its massive political inertia.  23 million background checks speaks for itself.

The anti-gun crowd doesn’t seem to grasp this.  You can have your Million Mom March, your Moms Demand Action, your Mayors Against Illegal Guns, etc.  But nobody, not even Mayor Bloomberg, is dropping the kind of money to promote gun control that we are spending every single year on guns.

The media hints at this issue, but almost by accident.  They never seem to connect that the amount of money spent in this business reflects the political will of the people in this country.  Obama wants you to believe that 90% of Americans support stronger background checks.  I’m sorry, I don’t believe you Mr. President.  I believe the growth of Smith and Wesson’s stock. I believe the fact that 4 or 5 new gun shops have opened in my town in the last 3 years.  I believe the growth of the firearms training market.  I believe 23 million background checks.

I’m not trying to tell you how to live your life, but when you are sitting in front of your computer at 2AM trying to justify spending $500 on yet another Glock (this time it’s ghost grey!) remember that your money isn’t going into a black hole.  Participating in this market is a kind of activism in and of itself.

Gun Sales Soaring – Savannah, GA

Post Obama Victory – Gun Sales Skyrocket

It’s been less than a week since U.S. voters re-elected President Barack Obama, and one industry is seeing a spike in sales as a result.

Gun sellers are reporting higher demand, sparked by fears the president will be tougher on gun control in his second term.

President Obama said during one of the presidential debates in October that he would like to reintroduce an assault weapons ban. But the ban instituted under President Bill Clinton didn’t actually stop the sale of these guns. The ban expired in 2004, and some worry a new one would bring tighter controls.

The door at The Gun Shop on Eisenhower Drive constantly opened and closed on many customers Monday, as the shop’s mascot, Sugar, wagged his tail in greeting. Sales here have been brisk over the past week. Kayton Smith III, president of The Gun Shop, said he is having a hard time keeping merchandise in stock.

“I’ve got ten AR-15 rifles en route to me right now, six of them already sold,” he said.

Full Story Here

The Obama Gun Surge

The Obama Gun Surge

The Obama Gun Surge

Photograph by Emily Keegin for Bloomberg Businesswee

In anticipation of a gun control crackdown that never happened, the firearm-buying public has treated the gun industry to an “Obama surge.” Although hard sales figures aren’t available (most gun manufacturers are privately held), one proxy for sales, revenue from the federal firearm-and-ammunition excise tax, rose nearly 30 percent during Obama’s first year in office. Exhausted gun buyers moderated their shopping during the last two years, but overall sales remain higher than in 2008.

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Over 10 million guns sold in 2012

Are You Preparing By Buying Firearms & Ammo?

As Gun Sales Continue to Soar, is Now the Time to Stock Up?

As WHNT in Alabama reports: A recent FBI report shows that more than 10 million firearms have been purchased so far in 2012, a blistering pace that would shatter the all-time record of 11 million sales set just last year…

The FBI report projects that up to four million more guns could be sold before the end of the calendar year. The agency also reports that gun sale background checks in Alabama have spiked by 37 percent in the last four years, making it one of the more active states for gun purchases.

With the uncertainty with the future with rising crime, unemployment and this being an election season, it seems that people are seeing signs of a brewing storm. There has been a surge in firearms purchases of 40% increase year over year for the last four years. What is driving this? Well, most people I’ve seen being interviewed are being somewhat general but it does resonate a common state of mind in being prepared for (fill in the blank). The (blank) is fear of the incumbent president going after second amendment gun rights and people want to buy before it’s too late.

What say you? Are you preparing for an attack on our gun rights? If so, what are you stocking up on in preparation? Are you one of the 10 million? Check out the video below:

Firearm Bill Of Sale


Free Firearm Bill Of Sale Form For Download

Sometimes depending on the state you are in or just for your own protection you’d like to have a bill of sale when selling a firearm. A lot of states do not require this practice. I myself have purchased a used gun without one, as a seller you just can’t sell a firearm privately to a known felon. It is not required to complete a bill of sale for a trade or sale of a firearm, but it is a good CYA if you are into that.

One forum I read had a good point:

To the best of my knowledge most guns, with the exception of Class III weapons, are not “registered” in GA or with the ATF. If the govt. starts to register your weapons you you can easily guess what will be next.

It is a good idea to have a signed bill of sale just in case something comes up.

So if you are looking for a bill of sale sample for a gun sale, you can download it here in the following formats. Thanks to a good buddy “Bentley” from the Guns For Forum for posting on the Colorado Gun Trader page on Facebook. Please feel free to join that as well, you can already see it’s a great resource.

Bill of sale gun form free sample download:

Download PDF (Portable Document Format)

Download RTF (Rich Text Format)

If you have a sample that you use, please email it to me (urbanarmed @ gmail(dot)com) and I will update this post. This is a great resource for anyone looking for a sample bill of sale for selling firearms.

Stay safe and carry on.