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Strike Industries – Strike Plate

Tactical Gear Introduction by Strike Industries

Strike Industries Strike Plate

It’s nice to know that Strike Industries is innovating through technology and then sharing that implementation with the civilian market. Strike Industries introduces the STRIKE PLATE was designed by The strike plate was engineered to stop SAAMI standard handgun and shotgun ammunition, knives, spikes and impact weapons.

STRIKE PLATES are flat to reduce the tendency of blades and points to skid off the surface of hard armor inserts to penetrate nearby unprotected areas, to prevent ricochets and to impart greater strength than offered by curved elements.


    • 10” x 13” x .55” (14mm thick)
    • Oversized with 20% more coverage than average
    • Weighs 5lbs
    • NIJ Level IIIA certified
    • Multi-hit capability


    Large Stand Alone Plate
    • 9” x 12” x .55” (14mm thick)
    • Weighs 4lbs, 6oz
    • NIJ Level IIIA certified
    • Multi-hit capability