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James Yeager Goes Full Retard

James Yeager Of Tactical Response – Has Gone <Full Retard>

James Yeager Goes Full retard

Ok, so this post obviously isn’t “approved” by James Yeager, but I couldn’t help but use that picture as the manliness oozes from the hard wood backdrop through the pixels of your screen with nothing but pure bad assery. First and foremost, I actually do enjoy watching James Yeager’s videos on his YouTube channel for his company “Tactical Response” based in TN.

James has been a very vocal supporter of the second amendement and because of his burning passion for it he was a bit fed up at some legislation introduced by Diane Feinstein and made a video which he later edited. The problem was because he posted it without editing it people started mirroring the video before he could take it back. At the end of the video he said “I’m going to start killing people” right after listing off all the things we as gun owners need to be doing to prepare for the next civil war..

Georgia Capitol Pro Gun Rally

Pro Gun Rally Held at Georgia Capitol Building


On February 8th, 2013 I attended a Georgia pro gun rally with several hundred other attendees in Atlanta, GA at the steps of the state capitol building. It was awesome to see so many like minded individuals standing up for their rights and exercising them in the public view. Patriots were speaking at the podium, holding signs and flags to show our state and local government we will not be quiet.

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Ohio Store Clerk Exercises Self Defense With Her Gun

OH Store Clerk Refuses To Be A Victim

Security Video: Woman With Gun Shoots Robber

This video is from June of 2010, but was never distributed on main strema media. So I am helping spread the stories about everyday citizens exercising their legal rights to protect themselves because you wont see it on MSNBC or CNN.

Caught on Tape: An Ohio store owner bravely fought back against an armed man repeatedly trying to break through the shop door. Having been robbed just earlier in the month, the now-armed woman instinctively drew and fired her gun to protect herself and others in the store.

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Video from:,0,6139707.story

Saudi Wedding Celebration – BYO AK-47

Bring Your Own AK47 to the wedding.

Making It RAIN!

Making It Rain - AK47

At :56 seconds you can see an awesome Chrome Draco AK it looks like, then again at 2:00 mins is a sweet looking gold plated AK. Nice under-folders as well as some Dracos.
I truly wish I was invited to this wedding, and no eyes or ears at these parties, it’s all “shoot at your own risk” in the S town.