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Minimalist Leather Wallet by SZNS

SZNS Leather Minimalist Wallet

SZNS – Where Function Meets Form

I’m always intrigued by products that cater to delivering on style as well as functionality. SZNS sent me their “minimalist wallet” to try out and from the moment I opened the box I was impressed with their overall presentation as well as their product. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of  ” all things tactical” but I also work in a professional environment and I constantly find myself in this paradigm where I want to wear the coolest latest tactical 5.11 pants but end up wearing dress slacks and button shirts most of the time. Because of the “semi business professional” apparel I wear I love products that fit my needs but also play up to the “professional” appearance that is expected. 

SZNS Tan Leather Wallet ReviewI can’t stand a “bulky” wallet. I never understood why a lot of guys end up with these massive bi-fold wallets that are full of credit cards, ID, receipts, business cards and the kitchen sink. Then they shove that behemoth in their back pocket which creates an uncomfortable bump to sit on all day and then it also adds that square wear mark on your back pocket that reminds me of a middle aged man wearing Costco branded jeans and white Nikes. I’m not bashing that style it’s just an association that skeeves me out for some reason. There’s nothing wrong with that but there are so many great options to carry all the necessary items today I just don’t understand why people are stilling willing to carry such a load and throw out there back in the process. 

Some great features from SZNS on their Minimalist Wallet:

  • RFID blocking 
  • Keeps bulk to an absolute minimum
  • Self-retracting pull tab for your main card storage
  • Quick access slots front and back
  • Holds 2-8 Cards
  • Backed by our 2 year warranty
  • Free shipping 

Overall I’ve been really impressed with this wallet. At the end of the day it’s a wallet but they did put some thought into accessing the cards easily with a simple pull tab that lifts the cards as well as the RFID blocking technology and wrapped in a tasteful genuine leather material which gives it that sophisticated yet trendy look. Currently these wallets are priced at $45 US and SZNS provided free shipping. So head on over and check them out.


Gemtech Trek 556 Suppressor – Review & Impression

Looking For A 5.56 Suppressor For Your AR-15?

When looking for a suppressor for my AR15 I wasn’t sure what I even needed or wanted. What did I expect from a suppressor that would be sending full pressure 5.56/.223 rounds downrange? I had no clue. Hopefully this article will help you if you are in the same boat.

GEMTECH- TREK Suppressor: The Good

One of the most attractive attributes of this particular rifle suppressor is the price. It currently retails from about $475-$500 respectfully on a few different online retailers websites. For me, that’s a strong value considering the performance of this muzzle device. It’s a single contained, zero maintenance, rugged silencer that will perform as expected every time with no fuss. Gemtech claims there is no maintenance or cleaning required so lon as you are only shooting 5.56/.223 normal pressure rounds through it. They didn’t design this particular can to handle low pressure “sub sonic” rounds and they even state that if you want to shoot sub sonic cartridges that you use a specific brand. The majority of commercially available 5.56mm subsonic ammunition does not stabilize in the M16 barrel and will yaw while in the suppressor. Damage caused by this ammunition is not covered under warranty. If it is desired to reduce the bullet flight noise and sonic crack, we suggest that a .22 rimfire adapter be used with standard velocity .22LR ammunition. If subsonic .223 ammunition is a requirement, Gemtech recommends only subsonic ammunition manufactured by Engel Ballistic Research, Inc. To read the full warranty and manual you can Gemtech Trek Owners ManualGemtech Trek Suppressor Review

Besides the value the Gemtech Trek suppressor performs consistently well shot after shot after shot. It reduces the overall sound of the gun firing by 29 dB and is the equivalent to shooting .22 shorts out of a .22LR rifle.

Designed specifically to fill the needs of the law enforcement user, the TREK is a compact, durable and lightweight sound suppressor for the 5.56×45 mm centerfire cartridge. The TREK suppressor meets all OSHA and MILSPEC requirements for shooting without the use of hearing protection. The Trek is also available in a lightweight version, the Trek-T, fabricated from high strength, aircraft grade titanium alloys.

Guns For Everyone – AR15 Giveaway – Fundraising Initiative

Guns For Everyone Fundraising Campaign

guns-for-everyone-troy-ar-giveawayWell, they’re at it again. Guns For Everyone is launching a new initiative to be able to offer even more Free Conceal Carry classes to residents of Colorado who want to get basic and advanced pistol training.  They are also giving anyone that donates a chance to enter a sweet Troy AR15. Donation levels start at just 5 bucks and they also have additional levels that come with some sweet prize packs.

The goal for Guns For Everyone is to raise enough money to help with opening a storefront in Colorado Springs so they can have a dedicated space to offer their classes.  In Colorado you are required to take a basic pistol safety class as a requisite to obtaining a conceal carry license. Guns For Everyone offers these classes for free and solely relies on the generosity of students to donate what they can. This system helps break the cost barrier for citizens to legally obtain the license required to carry a firearm.

Our mission is to train and educate as many people as we possibly can in the safe and ethical use of firearms for self defense. We conduct all of our training for FREE!

Please take a moment to watch the video below, and if you feel compelled they would greatly appreciate any donation and if you aren’t in a position to donate please share the message.

Our goal is to raise $5,000 by December 15th, 2015. To help us achieve this goal, every donation of $5 will receive a Guns For Everyone bumper sticker, as well as be entered to win a Troy Industries AR-15.  Other exciting prizes are also available at different donation levels!

Link To Guns For Everyone Initiative – Click Here