Tactical Flashlights For A Deal!

Cree Tactical Flashlights

Techlite Lumen Master 150 Lumens High-Intensity CREE XPE L.E.D. Tactical Flashlight, 3 Pack

Flashlights are a very important tool for any hiker, backpacker, prepper, or just general home and safety use. I’m always on the hunt for a good deal, and when I find one I like to share it with anyone who also shares the desire for a great deal. These are actually some fairly cheap lights, and they are hardly “tactical” in the true sense other than the light cover serration’s but it says it on the box so it must be so right?

Currently this three pack of flashlights is on sale at Costco for $14.99. It’s a pretty good deal for what you get in my opinion. I have been using the flashlights as often as possible for the last few weeks, and the 150 lumen lights work quite well. They are small, use 3 AAA batteries which are supplied with the kit. I went ahead and made a quick video unboxing and initial review of the lights on my Youtube Channel with you can see below. If you do not have a Costco Membership, they also sell them at Amazon for around $24.00 here.


I’m looking to buy some real long term flashlights soon and would love to hear your favorite brands and models.

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