Women Are Stepping Up To The Range!

Women Shooters

Hannah Middleton, 21, of Rockton, was an ace shot with every gun she tried, including this air rifle. Middleton was participating in the Women in the Outdoors program at the Torstenson Youth Conservation Education Center near Pecatonica. (Chicago Tribune, Barbara Brotman / May 19, 2012)


Women shooters are on the rise, we like this 🙂

Story Reported by Barbara Brotman Here

More and more news articles are starting to surface in the main stream media or what I like to refer to as the “lame stream media” (ripped from the No Agenda Podcast) and this one was on the Chicao Tribune which is a more liberal periodical but not a bad article to say the least.

The photo above was taken at an outdoor female shooter event that drew 79 attendees including mom and daughter teams. The event is organized by the “Women in the Outdoors” outreach program which is hosted by the National Wile Turkey Federation which is a hunting and wildlife conservation group.

It’s great to see that more women are finding an interest in the sport of shooting, not just from a self defense perspective, but also as a hobby. I have had the pleasure in getting to know some great female shooters and bloggers in the past few months that has really been eye opening. It often can seem like a small male dominated sport, but the playing field is starting to level out.

One aspect I’ve been trying to spend more time and research on is what type of handguns are good for females to carry, and caliber as well as pistol type, meaning a revolver or a semi auto pistol.  I will continue on the path as I believe the more resources there are online for women, the more they will feel empowered to approach the shooting sport for both a hobby, and self defense.

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