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New Jersey Pushing To Ban Ammo?

New Jersey To Lose Hollow Point Bullets

New Jersey Prohibits possession of ammunition capable of penetrating body armor.

According to new legislation being introduced into the house of representatives, it would be illegal to buy hollow point or “dum-dum” bullets for your firearms. I picked up a news article from Off Grid Survivals blog today which fueld me to go look at the bills being introduced and write up a quick post on what’s going down.

Essentially there are two separate bills, both of which are “anti-gun” bills and could be detrimental to law abiding citizens. The first is Assembly Bill 558 which outlines the criminalization of “possessing” hollow point bullets. We aren’t talking about banning the sale of hollow point ammunition, it’s being in possession. It gets better, there are even clauses within the bill that criminalize you if you are in possession of “other” types of weapons such as knives, switchblades and even slingshots.