Phlster – New J-Frame Holster – The City Special

The city Special J Frame Holster by Phlster

The City Special - J-Frame Kydex Holsters by Phlster The folks over at Phlster have just released a new holster today called "The City Special" which is a custom Kydex holster for those J-frame .38 special carriers out there. Now, there are two different holster they are making. One is a standard kydex holster with the signature single loop. This is ideal for a backup gun or … [Read more...]

Female Conceal Carry

Female Conceal Carry Options

EDC Conceal Carry Pistol Options In the pursuit of finding the best conceal carry options, Rebecca from "RebeccaGuns" discusses the journey she traveled to discover the best conceal carry weapon. There are many factors at play when choosing a weapon to carry on a daily basis. We wrote in a previous post about the challenges of females finding the best fire-arm … [Read more...]

Best Guns For Women?

Best Guns For Women

How do you select a firearm for a female shooter? Recently more females in my immediate and extended family have shown more interest in not just purchasing a firearm that is right for them, but also carrying one on their person, in their purse or nearby.  This is a completely different scenario versus a man carrying. Typically men can carry inside or outside … [Read more...]

Demonstrating my IWB Glock 19 Setup

Pimping my IWB setup for carrying my Glock 19 I received a PM from a friend on YouTube regarding how I carry my Glock 19 IWB (inside waist band) so I decided to shoot a quick video on demonstrating it. I probably didn't wear the best shirt for the demonstration since it's more on the thin side, but regardless I think is an overall decent represenation. The holster is a … [Read more...]

More likely to be a victim away from home than in it

Why I pack all the time. Especially when away form home This is a video that I made in response to a recent violent attack in suburban Atlanta. Where this took place was only approximately 6 miles form where I live. I had a conversation with some friends recently about guns in general, and the question usually comes up, "why do you carry a gun?" and it depends on who is asking … [Read more...]