Gun Idiot Of The Week – 12ga To Chest

Comparing Getting Shot By 12ga to Sex On A Roller-coaster Darwinism at it's finest. The irony is if you go to their channel, they are all about survival, prepping, hunting etc. It would behoove one to think that if part of what you do is to practice survival techniques that would also include not taking 12 gauge shotguns blasts to … [Read more...]


KONY 2012 Is A Scam

Do We Have Your Attention Now? In order to deploy a military presence in Africa, the American support is key. How do you get the majority of Americans ok with going to war or at a minimum have a military presence in Africa without anyone questioning motive? Provide the motive. Let me preface this with saying I'm not intending to be insensitive to the crimes against … [Read more...]

Springless AA2 Kit

Springless AA2 Kit

Closest thing to a full auto Ruger 10/22 The stock and KIDD two stage trigger is the perfect addition to any Ruger 10/22. This kit is hitting the market with a lot of attention just like the infamous "slidfire" stock for the AR platform. The kit comes in at a cool $629.00 which is steep considering I paid for $189.00 brand new for my Ruger 10/22 with fiber optic sights. To … [Read more...]

Best Guns For Women?

Best Guns For Women

How do you select a firearm for a female shooter? Recently more females in my immediate and extended family have shown more interest in not just purchasing a firearm that is right for them, but also carrying one on their person, in their purse or nearby.  This is a completely different scenario versus a man carrying. Typically men can carry inside or outside … [Read more...]